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Hotkey Ctrl+Print
Esc to close (as with most dialog windows in PWS, the Escape key will close the dialog)
Right-click menu Print

To print a page, just use the standard print hotkey Ctrl+P or right-click and select Print from the context menu. A print preview window will popup to show you how your printed page will look.

Page Setup

The print preview is generate by default with standard one inch margins and letter size. However, you can change these to your preference by clicking the Page Setup button.
The Page Setup dialog allows you to change the page size, orientation and margins.

Print Button

When you are ready to print, click the print icon to choose your printer and number of copies.


You can also zoom in or out and view two pages at a time.

Base Line and Page Numbers

The print preview automatically generates a line at the bottom of the page content (base line) and adds page numbers at the bottom of every page.

The base line and page numbering are not currently configurable.