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Editor Width

Right-Click Menu Options
Editor Width Dialog

Hotkey Alt+W (opens Editor width dialog window)
Right-click menu Editor Width -> Full Width
Right-click menu Editor Width -> 85 Characters
Right-click menu Editor Width -> 125 Characters
Right-click menu Editor Width -> Custom Width (opens Editor width dialog window)

Right-Click Menu Options

Right click on the editor window or the matte surface behind the editor window to view the right-click menu. Locate the Editor Width menu item. You will see that it has some sub-items. In the follow screen capture you can see Full Width, 85 Characters, 125 Characters and Custom Width.

The hotkey hint for all of these is shown as Alt+W which opens the Editor Width Dialog. If you select Full Width, 85 Characters or 125 Characters from the right-click menu these settings will be automatically applied. If you select Custom Width, the Editor Width dialog window will open.

Using the Editor Width Dialog

The Editor Width dialog window is simple. It contains a single text box where you can specify the number of characters that will define the width. The width of a character, however, can depend on the font and the font size.

For more consistency we choose the Normal Quick Font as our base font. There can only be one Normal Quick Font in a notebook. Therefore, the editor width will not change as you move from one page in your notebook to the next even if two pages use completely different fonts or font sizes.

Full Width

The editor window can be set to fill the full width of the matte area. In this case, the matte area will always be hidden with the exception of a small margin around the outer edge of the editor window.

You can set the editor to full width using the right-click menu option, Editor Width -> Full Width, or by typing the hotkey Alt+W to show the Editor Width dialog window. Once the dialog window is showing, type zero ("0") into the text box. Then click OK to save the setting and close the window.