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Images in the Editor

Hotkey Ctrl+R
Right-click menu Insert Image
Mouse Drag an image file from Windows onto the editor surface

Inserting Images

Images can be inserted into your page content a few different ways.

Resizing Images

You can resize an image in the editor window by first left-clicking on the image. You will notice little squares appear at the four corners and in the middle of each side. Left-click on one of the small squares and drag. Release the mouse button to finalize the size change.
NOTE: Sometimes resizing images in the editor window causes the display quality of the image to degrade. This is only a display issue. If you view the image in the print preview or on the printed page, the full quality is still intact.

Printing of Images

In general, if you want high print quality, an image should have 250-300 pixels per inch (dpi).

For example, if you have a a jpeg image whose dimensions are 800x600 pixels, then that image would have good quality if it is no more than about 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide on the printed page.

You may need to take this into account when adding images to your content. The image will be added to your page and sized based on the pixel resolution of your screen, so if print quality is important for your project, then you will likely need to shrink the image after it is added to your page content in the editor.

That 800x600 pixel image would need to be shrunk to about half the width of a printed page to have high print quality. However, you should test for your situation. Different images, image quality and image content may appear different depending on your usage scenario.