PieceWorx Writing Studio v1.0 www.PieceWorx.com



The installation files are available for download at the PieceWorx website, www.PieceWorx.com/pieceworx-writing-studio.

The download is a standard Windows installation package with an .msi file extension.

You can run the installation by double-clicking the install file and following the instructions.

Activate License

In order to unlock the installed program you will need the license key you purchased from PieceWorx.

To purchase a license key visit www.pieceworx.com/purchase-pws.

If you have not yet activated your installation of PieceWorx Writing Studio, you will see the following screen when you start the program.
Enter your license key in the textbox and click the Activate! button.

Each purchase comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not
completely satisfied with PieceWorx Writing Studio!