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Layout Modes

There are three layout modes which make it easy to change the layout of PieceWorx Writing Studio for different tasks.

Organize Mode

Right-click menuLayout->Layout Modes->Organize
HotkeyCtrl+Shift+Alt+L (fiddle modes)

Organize Mode is for common tasks associated with organizing all of the pages in your notebook. These tasks are primarily associated with the Notebook tab. Organizing tasks include

Edit Mode

Right-click menuLayout->Layout Modes->Edit
HotkeyCtrl+Shift+Alt+L (fiddle modes)

Edit Mode is for editing a single document. In this mode, you mainly need the editor frame and format bar, but you might need to get to something quickly. Therefore, even though the left and bottom frames are hidden, the bumpers are visible for quick access.

Create Mode

Right-click menuLayout->Layout Modes->Create
HotkeyCtrl+Shift+Alt+L (fiddle modes)

Create Mode is for writing the content of a new document. In this mode, you want to remove all distractions and immerse yourself in the creative process. This mode is best when also in full screen mode. In this mode everything except the editor window and the matte background is hidden.