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In case you are unfamiliar with the word fiddle, it is similar to toggle. However, instead of switching between two states, fiddle means to cycle between more than two states.

In order to reduce the number of hotkeys there are several fiddles which cycle through a few different states so that you don't have to remember a hotkey for every state.

Layout Modes

Right-click menuLayout->Fiddles->Layout Modes

The fiddle for layout modes cycles through the three available layout modes.


Right-click menuLayout->Fiddles->Bumpers

The bumper fiddle cycles through different bumper visibility modes.

If one or more frames or bumpers are not visible, the bumper fiddle will first show the hidden bumpers. Using the hotkey again will collapse any expanded frames while keeping the associated bumpers visible. When a state is reached where all bumpers are showing, the next state will hide all bumpers. From then on the bumper fiddle acts more like a toggle either showing all or hiding all bumpers.


Right-click menuLayout->Fiddles->Bars

The bars fiddle cycles the visibility of the status bar and format bar. There are four states.