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Navigating Pages

HotkeyHome or Page Up (jump to top page)
HotkeyUp arrow (move up one page)
HotkeyDown arrow (move down one page)
HotkeyEnd or Page Down (jump to bottom page)
Right-click menuPage -> Navigate Pages -> Top page
Right-click menuPage -> Navigate Pages -> Move Up
Right-click menuPage -> Navigate Pages -> Move Down
Right-click menuPage -> Navigate Pages -> Bottom Page

You can make any page in the notebook outline view the active page by clicking on it with the mouse. There are also some navigation commands in the right-click menu. Right-click the current page and select Pages -> Navigate Pages to see your options which are listed in the table above.

There are also a few hotkeys which can help you move between pages.

Use the Up arrow and Down arrow on your keyboard to move up one page or down one page.

Use the Home key or Page Up to jump to the first page. Use the End key or Page Down to jump to the last page.

When moving through pages using the arrow keys, any pages which are hidden because their parent is collapsed will be skipped. The next section discusses expanding and collapsing page groups.