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Quick Fonts

Quick fonts are a series of six predefined fonts configurable on a per notebook basis. PieceWorx Writing Studio contains hotkeys and menu items for applying one of the quick fonts to your selected text. This is much quicker than opening the font dialog every time you want to apply a font.

The six fonts you can customize are
To change the font associated with one of the six quick fonts, click the Change button for that font. You will see the following standard font dialog. Make your selections and click OK.
Observe that the font information to the right of the Change button has updated and that the font sample in the textbox at the right of the window is now displaying your selected font.

Your changes will be saved the next time you save your notebook.
To revert to the default font, you may click the Use Default button.

The default font will always be a fixed width font. If your computer contains the Consolas font, then it will be used as the default font family. Consolas is a fixed width font originally created for use by programmers. It was designed to be easier to read on computer screens than other fonts. If your computer does not contain Consolas, then your default font will likely be Courier New. If you don't like these, that's OK, you are free to choose your favorite.

The Consolas font is my personal favorite for writing and programming. I recommend it. It comes with Windows Vista and higher, but if it is not installed on your computer, you should be able to find a free download by doing a simple web search.

Using Quick Fonts

Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+1 (Heading 1)
Ctrl+Shift+2 (Heading 2)
Ctrl+Shift+3 (Heading 3)
Ctrl+Shift+4 (Normal)
Ctrl+Shift+5 (Emphasized)
Ctrl+Shift+6 (Small)
Right-click menu Format->QuickFonts->Heading 1
Format->QuickFonts->Heading 2
Format->QuickFonts->Heading 3
Format bar -> Heading 1
-> Heading 2
-> Heading 3
-> Normal
-> Emphasized
-> Small

To apply a quick font in your editor window, first select some text. You then have three ways to apply the quick font, either using a hotkey, the right-click menu or the format bar. See the table above for the specific sequences.