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Finally, the last tab in the Settings dialog is the Feedback form. Use this to send me your thoughts about using PieceWorx Writing Studio.

There are three text boxes on the feedback form. These are You do not need to type something in all three text boxes, but I would like to receive all three types of feedback. If you like something, I want to make sure we don't change it in the future. I've seen this many times. A company never gets any feedback about what people like and they assume no one is using a feature so they remove it and upset many of their users. I don't want to make that mistake.

On the other hand if there is something that is broken or especially frustrating, then please let us know that.

Your message will be read, so please take the time to be specific, constructive and courteous. Just like you, we would rather not receive hateful messages, but frankly we would rather get that than nothing as long as we know why you are upset. In the end our goal is to provide you the best writing software we can. Your feedback makes all the difference.

Once you have typed your message, just click Submit to send your feedback. Note that an active internet connection is required to submit your comments.
NOTE: If you want to receive feedback, please submit your comment or request on the website contact form and include your email address. Feedback sent via the feedback form in the program will not receive a direct response. If we get many comments on the same subject we will address that, but not on an individual basis.

Thanks again for taking the time to make this program great!