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Page Toolbar

The toolbar in the screen capture below shows the location of the page toolbar at the top of every page frame. It gives you quick access to page positioning, arrange mode, sytles, views and hiding of page frames.

Hide the Page Toolbar

Page ToolbarClick up-arrow
Page Toolbar right-click menuHide Page Toolbar
HotkeyCtrl+Shift+V (toggle page view)
Page frame titlebar right-click menuPage View->Minimal Page View

You can hide the page toolbar in a few ways. First, you can click the up arrow icon in the toolbar which is the right-most button. You can also right click a clear region of the toolbar and choose Hide Page Toolbar. Finally, you can change the Page View mode. The minimal page view mode hides the bars on a page to minimize distractions. You can choose the minimal page view mode from the page frame titlebar context menu by selecting Page View->Minimal Page View or by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+V to fiddle the available page views until the page toolbar disappears.

Show the Page Toolbar

HotkeyCtrl+Shift+V (fiddle page view)
Page frame titlebar right-click menuPage View->Full Page View
"Click me!" mouse rollover

You can show the page toolbar by right-clicking on the page frame titlebar and selecting Page View->Full Page View from the context menu.

You can also use the Page View fiddle Ctrl+Shift+V which fiddles the available page view modes.

Finally, there is a small rollover region which appears at the top or bottom of the page frame when the Page View is not Full Page View. Small text appears saying "--- Click Me ---". Click the text and the Page View mode will be changed to full which will make the page toolbar visible along with any other bars in the page frame.

Page Toolbar Buttons

First note that all operations on the page toolbar can also be found in the titlebar context menu. Open the titlebar context menu by right-clicking on the titlebar of any page frame.

If you hover your mouse over each button you will see a tooltip explaining what it does along with the hotkey short cut.

From left to right the buttons in the page toolbar are:
  • - Basic page positioning
  • - Dock left page positioning
  • - Dock right page positioning
  • - Dock top page positioning
  • - Dock bottom page positioning
  • - Dock center page positioning
  • - Dock vertical center page positioning
  • - Cascade pages
  • - Auto arrange pages side by side
  • - Auto arrange pages stacked
  • - Auto arrange pages tiled
  • - Hide all pages
  • - Hide all pages but the current one
  • - Page Style
    • Dark (theme)
    • Light (theme)
    • Blend (theme)
    • Dark (system)
    • Light (system)
  • - Page View
    • Full Page View
    • Minimal Page View