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Auto Arrange Modes

There are three persistent auto arrange modes: Side by Side, Stacked and Tiled. Cascade is also an auto arrange mode, but it is not a persistent mode and so is discussed elsewhere.

When I say persistent I mean that even if you hide, open or rearrange pages that the pages will be automatically arranged. In the Cascade mode, the pages are arranged only one time. After that you can move pages around and they are not forced to display as a cascade of windows.

The auto arrange modes take care of positioning and sizing the page frames and re-adjust if the size of the center frame changes. The auto arrange modes are designed to fill the center frame so if you auto arrange a single page frame it will simply appear to be maximized.

Limited number of arranged page frames

Note that there are a limited number of page frames that can be arranged depending on the size of the center frame. There is a minimum size for the page frames, so it's possible that not all page frames that are currently open can be arranged. If they can't all be arranged, then some will simply not be visible. If you hide an arranged page and there are some that were hidden, then one of the unarranged page frames will become visible. When this happens, the new page frame will generally appear toward the bottom right of the arrangement.

The arrangement order is remembered, but if you open a new page it will be positioned at the top left of the arrangement under the assumption that it is the most important to you. The same goes for when you click an arrange mode button in the page toolbar, that page will have priority and be positioned to the upper left of the arrangement.


When in an auto arrange mode you can swap page positions by dragging one titlebar over another titlebar and releasing the mouse button.

Ways to enable an auto arrange mode

You have three ways to apply an auto arrange mode: hotkey, titlebar context menu or the page toolbar.

Hotkey Alt+A (Fiddles the auto arrange modes. Focus must be within a page frame.)
Titlebar Context Menu Page Layout -> All Pages
Page toolbar ( , , ) Click a button to apply an auto arrange mode or to exit the auto arrange mode.

The Alt+A Fiddle

The Alt+A hotkey has four fiddle modes:

Ways to disable an auto arrange mode

To exit an auto arrange mode you can click on the auto arrange button again in the page toolbar or any of the single frame positioning modes. You can also press the Alt+A auto arrange hotkey until it cycles around to having no auto arrangement. Additionally, several menu items in the titlebar context menu will drop out of auto arrange mode.

Side by Side Auto Arrange Mode

In the side by side auto arrange mode, all displayed pages have the full height of the center frame.

Stacked Auto Arrange Mode

In the stacked auto arrange mode, all displayed pages have the full width of the center frame.

Tiled Auto Arrange Mode

In the tiled auto arrange mode, all displayed pages are laid out like a checkerboard to the extent possible. Depending on the number of pages that are visible and the number that can fit in the center frame, the left most column may have fewer pages than other columns.