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Page Views

There are two page view modes. Whereas Page Styles dealt with the colors and styles of visible items on a page frame, the page view controls which items are visible.

As the names imply, selecting the Full Page View shows everything that is possible to show. The Minimal Page View, hides everything that is possible to hide.

Again the primarily purpose for these modes is to support the ability to have a distraction free environment while still having everything you need just a click away.

Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+V (fiddles the page views, focus must be in a page frame)
Titlebar context menu Page View
Page toolbar Drop down button in the page toolbar
Rollover region When the mouse moves over a region, the user can click to enter Full Page View.

Titlebar context menu

To choose a page view using the titlebar context menu, right-click the titlebar and choose Page View. Then select a view.

Page toolbar

To choose a page view using the page toolbar click the page view drop down button, then choose a view.

Full View Rollover

When the mouse moves over a region in the page frame and the page frame is not in Full Page View (not everything that could be showing is showing), then text appears indicating that if you click, you will enter Full Page View.

There are two thin horizontal regions where the rollover action can occur. The border beneath the page toolbar is the first. If the page toolbar is not showing then the region will appear to be just beneath the titlebar. The second region is the horizontal region just inside the page frame border at the bottom of the page frame.

If the mouse rolls over either of these regions and items are hidden which could be showing, then you'll see the text "--- Click Me ---" appear. If you click, you'll enter Full Page View where all items are visible.

Compare Full Page View and Minimal Page View - #1

We show two screen captures below, one for full view and one for minimal view, so that you can see the difference. This example uses the Light (theme) page style in the Autumn Orange theme.

Compare Full Page View and Minimal Page View - #2

Now let's look at the real reason for page views. This example will use a theme with a solid background color so that we can see how clean the layout is when we apply the Minimal Page View and a blend page style. For the following screen captures we use the Alabaster theme.

Compare Full Page View and Minimal Page View - #3

Here's another comparison using the Chroma Green theme.