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Navigation in the Editor

Hotkey Home (start of line)
Hotkey End (end of line)
Hotkey Ctrl+Home (start of document)
Hotkey Ctrl+End (end of document)

Hotkey PageUp
Hotkey PageDown
Hotkey Ctrl+PageUp (top of page)
Hotkey Ctrl+PageDown (bottom of page)

Hotkey Ctrl+Up (up one paragraph)
Hotkey Ctrl+Down (down one paragraph)
Hotkey Ctrl+Left (left one word)
Hotkey Ctrl+Right (right one word)

Right-click menu Navigate Document -> (select an operation)

The editor for the Rich Text Page shares most of the same navigation features as other editors.

In addition to all of the keys and hotkeys in the above tables, all of the page content navigation options can also be found in the context menu where you can quickly view the keystroke or hotkey hint for that operation.

The following screen capture shows the document navigation operations in the right-click menu.