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Sound Settings

There is only one option on the Sounds tab of the Settings dialog. Check the box to enable typewriter sounds or uncheck to disable typewriters sounds.

I have to admit, typewriter sounds are one of my favorite features. I don't know if it is the reminder of my youth, the unique rhythm of the sounds propelling me down the page like a wave propelling a surfer or the emphatic confirmation of the act of turning ideas into reality, but I like it. I know I'm not the only one.

Any time you type a key in the editor window you will hear the sound of an old-style typewriter. The keystroke sounds are currently those of an old electric typewriter.

Of course, only keys which alter the text content will produce sounds. Ctrl+B for example will not generate a typewriter sound since it only toggles bold formatting.

If there is demand, we may include different kinds of typewriters to choose from in future versions.