PieceWorx Writing Studio Feature List

Remove Distractions and Customize Your Environment
True full screen mode
18 beautiful built-in themes
Hiding of any and all menus, frames and pages
7 docking modes for your pages
4 auto-arrange modes
5 page styles per theme (dark, light, blend...)
3 automatic layout modes (organize, edit, create)
4 modes for custom background images (stretch, fill, tile, pan-zoom)
Protect Your Content
Automated backups
Customizable backup retention policies
Open standards (so you can always get to your content, even without PieceWorx Writing Studio)
Modification checks before saving (great when using cloud sharing)
Single file storage (so your notebooks are easy to move and manage)
Simplify Your Workflow
Hotkeys. Lots of hotkeys. (do most everything you can with the mouse, really!)
Fiddles (so you don't have to remember so many hotkeys)
Context sensitive right click menus (so it's always easy to figure out what you can do)
Simple rich text editor (does what you want and nothing more)
Stay Organized
Full featured outline view
Unlimited pages (scenes, chapters, free writes, journaling, etc.)
Page merging (so you can work on your separate pieces and put it all together when you're ready)
Dynamic outline (quickly re-arrange pages with hotkeys or drag & drop)
Be More Productive
Session monitoring and alerts (track your progress with time or word counts)
Fast performance (your entire novel can open in just a couple of seconds)
Searchable notebooks (get a list of all matches in any page)
Simultaneous viewing of multiple pages (see more so you can do more)
Statistics (counts, readability metrics, etc. for your notebook, folders and individual pages)
Quick fonts (define your six favorite fonts and apply with a keystroke or click)
Spark Your Creativity
Custom background images (for inspiration and ambiance)
Typewriter sounds (people love the nostalgic, connected feeling)
Change themes and colors (to get you in the mood)
Write Better with a Great Editor
Spellcheck with 5 English language dictionaries (Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK, US)
Customizable dictionaries (so Tatooine won't be highlighted every time)
Zoom (zoom your text to avoid eye strain)
Text formatting (bold, italic, underline, lists, alignment, indent, line spacing, fonts)
Complete status info (chars, lines, words, alignment, font, font size, zoom)
Themes, styles and views (more than 180 combinations)
Version: 6.0.20200920.1535