The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes. -- Agatha Christie
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How to Tackle the Four Big Novel Killers - Video

With PieceWorx Writing Studio

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Hi, this is Steve. Let's take a look now at how PieceWorx Writing Studio tackles the four novel killers.

The first novel killer is about distractions. PieceWorx Writing Studio can help you avoid distractions.

First of all, there's full screen mode which helps get you in the zone and stay away from Facebook and email for a set period of time, however long you're wanting to write.

Using the notebook tab also allows you to easily create and organize all of your content in one place so you don't have to go looking for it someplace else--scrounging through your operating system, through all the different folders and everything.

PieceWorx Writing Studio also automates backups. You never have to worry about accidentally overwriting all of yesterday's work or about saving this really awesome thing that you just wrote. Instead, you know that it's going to be saved automatically when you close your session AND backed up as well.

Also, our use of open standards ensures you'll always have access to your content even if, for some reason, you don't have PieceWorx Writing Studio. This was a must have for me in this software.

These are some of the features that offer you some real peace of mind and help you to focus on what really matters: the creating process and the writing.

Moving on to novel killer #2, this one is all about supporting your creative inspiration. PieceWorx Writing Studio can enhance your creativity.

You can do this by quickly changing your color theme to alter the mood or drop in a new background image to perfectly match the tone of the piece that you're trying to write which can help inspire you.

You have to watch some of the videos on the site because there's an incredible amount of flexibility that you have here. This is a feature I really love.

You can also turn on typewriter sounds. Maybe for the youngest people this doesn't do the same thing as it does for people like me who--actually, when I first started writing I wrote on an old manual typewriter and there's something about that sound that can really get you in the zone and quickly bring you back to your creative place.

Moving on to novel killer #3, this is just about feeling disorganized. Obviously, if you're writing a novel you have to be organized.

PieceWorx Writing Studio helps you get organized.

As I've told you before, feeling disorganized is my #1 biggest novel killer--for me personally.

PieceWorx Writing Studio contains a fully configurable notebook which allows you to create all the sections, all the pages, all the scenes that you need in an outline structure. You can easily move stuff around, make copies of it, import, export, and finally merge the pages that you need to--merge your chapters--into one big document at the end.

Novel killer #4 is about tracking progress. One of the most important metrics for tracking progress is word count, but time is also important. You may prefer one or the other. Every day you may want to write at least a thousand words and you can set a target for that. If you want to write for sixty minutes every day, you can set a target for that so that you don't have to worry about watching or tracking that. You can just get in the zone and create. Then there's going to be a little popup to tell you when you've hit your target.

PieceWorx Writing Studio gives you immediate access to this duraction and word count for your session so you always know how you're doing. If that's distracting, you can just hide the status bar until you're ready and set up a word alert that will let you know when you've reached your goal for the day just like I said a minute ago.

Finally, you can also get detailed statistics on every single page, every single branch or the entire notebook, statistics including character count, word count, sentence count, average characters per word, average words per sentence. Also you can get readability metrics which help you to determine whether your writing is overly complex.

These are just some of the things that PieceWorx Writing Studio can help you with.

I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and have a look at what PieceWorx Writing Studio is all about.

Best of luck and happy writing!

This is Steve.

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