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10 Exceedingly Useful Websites for the Modern Writer

The modern writer is part writer, part entrepreneur and part technology guru. That's a tough place to be when all you really want to do is write.

In the past, you wrote a book, got an agent, submitted to publishers and Voila! You have a book. Or not.

I'm not suggesting that publishing a book was easy in the past, but with the advent of the World Wide Web and self-publishing it's expected that writers will create and maintain a platform to help sell their own books.

The self-publishing route is also tempting to writers. It's probably true that the quality of self-published books is below traditionally published books, but the lure of higher percentages and more independence are compelling.

Of course, self-publishing does require some know-how and resourcefulness.

Along with the additional opportunities and expectations for writers come more challenges. Writers don't typically have a lot of money to invest in hiring a web design consultant or buying software. Even a laptop is a rather large expense compared to pen and paper.

What is a modern writer to do?

I believe in time, technology will adapt to writers, but for now, writers will need to adapt to it if they are to benefit from the new developments of the modern age.

As a writer, you will compile an arsenal of modern tools that make your life easier. These tools will include things like:

  • Writing software
  • Word processing software
  • A list of useful websites
  • Email programs
  • E-publishing software and services
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Online stores and marketplaces
  • Social networks
  • Webhosting solutions like Wordpress
  • And more...

In order to help you along, I've compiled a list of my favorite 32 websites for writers. I list the first 10 here, but you can download the full list below in PDF format with detailed descriptions of each website. I guarantee there's one you're going to love.

10 Exceedingly Useful Websites for the Modern Writer (More Below!)

  1. Creative Writing Prompts
  2. The Story Starter
  3. Character Questionnaires
  4. Free Mind
  5. Lucid Chart
  6. RhymeZone
  7. Write Rhymes
  10. Reverse Dictionary

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