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Full Screen Mode - Video

Copyright © 2012 Steve Lautenschlager.  Autumn near Weston, Missouri

Alright, Steve here. Tonight in this tutorial I'm going to show you full screen.

I'm going to open up PieceWorx Writing Studio--which opened up on my other monitor. I'll bring it back over.

Let me clean up this background image.

Right now I have--let's go into organize mode here so you can see everything--I have the first three chapters of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland loaded into my notebook and you'll notice in the top bumper there is a little button here called Full Screen.

It says Click to Toggle Full Screen Mode. All you have to do is click that and you go right into full screen.

And depending on which layout mode you want--I think I just clicked Organize Mode a second ago.

If you click Organize you're going to see the Notebook Tab, the status bar at the bottom and the top bumper at the top.

If I hit Edit, all the bumpers are showing, but the Notebook tab is hidden.

If I hit Create it hides everything except the Editor window.

And now I have a full, complete blank screen canvas in which I can do all of my creating. And if I want to leave this mode I can just move my mouse up to the top, hit the Exit Full Screen.

In this particular mode, the top bumper bar will disappear again after I move [the mouse] away. If I just move my mouse up there it will pop up the top bumper again.

I you roll [your mouse] over the Full screen [button]. You can see that the hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space.

All of the layout mode hotkeys begin with Ctrl+Shift+Alt so it's pretty easy to remember.

To toggle full screen you use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space and I'm going to do that now. You can see it jumps up into full screen and jumps back down again.

And that's it. Happy Writing!

Version: 6.0.20200920.1535